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Flip Flops & MountainTops (FF&MT) Travel Services offers small-group, 8-day Dominica vacations for an exciting and relaxing visit to this beautiful Caribbean island! Our Dominica all-inclusive vacation packages include fully pre-arranged activities, transportation, boutique apartment-style hotel accommodation, and a personal travel coordinator to oversee your stay from arrival to departure. We ensure that your getaway is stress and hassle-free while visiting and exploring your new favorite vacation destination. We’re also proud members of the Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association.

A Dominica tour booked with FF&MT Travel Services will leave you plenty of time to enjoy the nature island with your friends, family, or new travel buddies that you have met throughout your stay. Whether you enjoy tropical nature, beaches, hiking in Dominica, swimming, rainforests, mountains, lakes, Dominica waterfalls, hot springs, rivers, local cuisine, historical sites, fresh fruit markets, local bush rum tastings, drinking from coconuts, and many other Dominica activities, we’ve got just the experience for you!

Christine, Founder

After falling in love with the island paradise of Dominica, I’ve returned countless times. Sometimes with friends, sometimes solo; the experience of exploring Dominica has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, connect with new cultures, and be amazed at Mother Nature at her best. Providing tours to Dominica isn’t just about showing off the stunning natural wonders and going on exciting adventures, it is also about learning and being inspired by places outside of our daily lives. I started FF&MT Travel Services to share everything Dominica has to offer in simple tour packages so that everyone can explore and enjoy the island without the added stress of figuring out what to do next.

We wish you were here!

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