You may get to Dominica by plane or by ferry. As of now, there is no international airport in Dominica, so you will have a connecting flight from a nearby island.

No, Dominica is not the Dominican Republic. It is usually mistaken for the Dominican Republic just because of the similarity of the name.

Yes. Tourist-targeted crime is rare and I have never experienced or witnessed any incidences, however, as in every country around the world, there is documented crime. Here are a few simple recommendations to ensure you have a risk-free trip:

  • Keep any valuables at home or at your accommodation in a locked safe
  • Don’t leave your bag unattended
  • Buy travel insurance
  • Don’t carry more cash than you’ll need for the day

All of our guides speak English, the official language of Dominica. However, Creole is mostly spoken between locals. French is widely spoken on the island, followed by Spanish.

Due to Dominica’s mountainous terrain, most of the activities are difficult for those with disabilities. If you’re unsure, get in touch with us and we would be happy to speak about this further.

Kids 10 years old and up are welcome on all of our group tours. Kids of any age are welcome on private group tours.

U.S. Dollars are accepted throughout Dominica. Prices listed throughout Dominica are listed in Eastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD) and must be converted each time you buy something with US Dollars. Change will also be given back to you in XCD. We recommend exchanging currency prior to arriving to ensure your journey is smooth.

As in the U.S., a typical gratuity of 10% is expected. For service that exceeds your expectations, a tip of 15-20% would be appropriate.

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